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Adorned with sensational scents, the White Mulberry and Rose Vanilla bathing soaps under Neesh Lumiere soften the skin and provide much needed nourishment. Indulge in an enriching and fragrant bathing escapade with these two magnificently moisturising bar soaps from Neesh. The delightfully light foamy texture of the soaps works wonders on the skin and adds a floral freshness to it instantly. The bathing soaps’ softness makes them ideal for all skin types and helps cleanse off the pollutants faced by the skin all day long. Consequently, they provide for a rejuvenation of the skin in the best and smoothest way possible. Experience an everyday beauty routine with two of the best body soaps for women, designed for skincare, exclusively by Neesh.Buy online the Neesh Lumiere soaps for a daily skin treatment enriched  by the goodness of nature.

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