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Extrait De Parfum

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7 days Money Back Guarantee 7 days Money Back Guarantee

We understand that fragrances are subjective. So break the seal, open the cap, and try the perfume. If you do not absolutely love it, we will generate a return pickup and replace it until you find your signature scent – or even issue a 100% refund.  All the cost of pickup and delivery will be taken care of by us.

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"Very very playful! Should be renamed to 'Shower After Sex'"
- Elizabeth Vaughn, verified buyer
For the girl who will never get old and boring

South Italy! Cold watery breeze, juicy fruits, she's sipping some sparkling limoncello with luscious watermelon until the evening sky turns amber red. The passion is in the air – very hot! She ta... Read More

How we did it

Shower Me With Love is sweet, bubbly, and fruity, with an undertone of aquatic freshness – the Harley Quinn scent. We imagined the playful aroma of bubblegum and tweaked it to intensify its passio... Read More

2x more concentrated for better longevity
  • EAU DE


  • EAU DE



    De Parfum

  • Mood Booster

    Wow! This perfume is like a bubblegum. It is fruity, citrus, sweet, and fresh like a watermelon. I absolutely enjoy wearing this perfume. It brings out my personality. It is sweet and playful. Such a mood booster you instantly feel happy after applying it.

  • My signature scent

    I am amazed with this concoction of sweet, fruity, citrus and fresh notes. It has that young and feminine vibe. It lasted for a whole day on me. This is my signature scent now. I am going to wear it most of the time.

  • Great longevity

    A few sprays in the morning and it lasts for the whole day. I received it as a sample from Neesh prior to the launch. I love fruity kind of fragrances and this is the best one I have ever tried. I got whiffs of it all throughout the day and I am in love with this. Thank you so much Neesh for introducing us with this playful fragrance. Love it!

  • Passionate scent profile

    Very passionate and seductive. I tried it in front of my husband and he was totally blown away with this fragrance. He asked me to get a 100ml bottle of this one. I really appreciate the thought behind this youthful perfume.

  • Really love it!

    This made my day. I got a sample from Neesh to try before launch and I was very excited to try it. I applied it as soon as I received it and throughout the day I was fantastic. I loved getting whiffs of fruity, sweet, citrusy and fresh notes. Thanks Neesh!

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Frequently Asked Questions

All NEESH™ perfumes are blended with IFRA approved ingredients and they are widely tested as 100% safe for all skin types.
We still recommend that you apply a spray on the inner wrist and wait for 30 minutes.
In case of any irritation, write us an email and we will call for a free return.

NEESH™ perfumes are blended by award winning master perfumers like Christophe Raynaud and Nanako Ogi. We have used the finest and most exquisite pallet of raw materials for all the fine fragrances. The handpicked ingredients, masterfully layered notes, and intensely concentrated formulations develop on your skin and linger in the air for a head-turning, compliment-getting effect. An effect that’s amiss in a lot of soft and generic designer fragrances.
All NEESH™ perfumes come in Extrait De Parfum concentration, which gives them 2x better lingering effect than other designer perfumes.

Science has crowned the sense of smell as the strongest form of memory in human beings. One reason is that olfactory system is located in the same part of our brain that effects emotions, memory, and creativity. The part of the brain that processes smell also interacts with regions of the brain that are responsible for storing emotional memories.
Hence, it is extremely important to not only smell good but also different, so that you have a very personal and distinctive memory in others’ life.
All NEESH™ perfumes have been blended with proven aroma palette in an intense concentration so when you meet someone, your memory keeps lingering in their mind for years.
An investment for the luxury of being remembered is worth a million times . . .

NEESH™ is the first fine fragrance brand to have a no-questions-asked 7 days return policy for free replacement or 100% refund. You can now carry your personality through a sparkling and lingering scent trail without the risk of making a wrong decision. Buy it, try it, and keep it only if you love it.

In order to prevent the exploitation of the offer, the returns can only be availed once by an individual customer.

We strongly recommend you read all the return and refund policy here.

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