8 Things Celebrities Secretly Do While Applying Perfumes

8 Things Celebrities Secretly Do While Applying Perfumes

Listen to me very carefully. Perfumes are magical!

It takes years to shape your body, or learn guitar, or to perfect a skill that makes you attractive. But it just takes 2 seconds and 7 sprays and BOOM, you’re already 20% more attractive than before. However, you are only attractive so long as people can smell you. And that is where most of the people fail. Every time they apply perfumes, they waste 3-4 hours of extra longevity that they could get if they applied it the right way.

 My name is Nisha and I am a celebrity stylist. And today, I will reveal the tricks that celebrities use to get 14 hours+ longevity from their perfumes without over spraying.

Here we go -

1. Layer your perfume with the oil based version of that fragrance:


  • You either apply spray perfume or just the oil based perfume. You never layer them.
  • You buy perfumes from the brand that do not even offer the oil based version of the same fragrance.



  • Run the roll-on over your palm and rub the oil on your hair, neck, and on the clothes.
  • After that apply the spray perfume on either side of your neck, behind both ears, and below Adam’s apple. 
  • Move out with confidence because you have already doubled the longevity of your perfume (also carry pocket-perfume in your pocket for the time you need your perfume to project till 6 feet distance)


2. Spray the perfume on your hairbrush:


  • Your hair shafts are oily and they hold the fragrance for longer but you never use their power to increase the longevity of the fragrance.
  • You directly apply the perfume on your hair, which is fine if done occasionally but doing it everyday can be damaging for hair (unless it is a alcohol free perfume like roll-ons/attars)                            



  • Keep your brush perpendicular to the perfume sprayer and spray the bristles in a way that the perfume gets evenly distributed.
  • Run the brush through your hair immediately.
  • Then apply the same perfume on your clothes, neck, behind the ears, and below Adam’s apple.
  • Smile when someone asks you, “What shampoo do you use for such great smelling hair?” Ha!


3. Let your cloths smoke: 


  • You do not realise that your clothes are the skin of your skin and if they smell as good as your skin, you get 3x the compliments you get when your clothes do not smell of the perfume you are wearing.
  • You spray the perfume directly on your clothes, which does not provide even 1/4th the performance that let your clothes smoke method does.



  • Get an air diffuser and spray the water in the air diffuser with the perfume you want to wear (4 to 8 sprays, depending on the concentration of perfume).
  • Either put it inside your wardrobe or keep your clothes above the air diffuser until the fragrance gets soaked in.
  • Wear the clothes and then spray your skin with the same perfume.


4. Decant your perfume instead of buying expensive miniatures from the brands: 

  • Decanting is a process of transferring the perfume from the bigger bottle to a small easy-to-carry sprayer.
  • That sprayer in which the perfume is transferred is called decant, vial, or travel atomiser.



  • Buy a travel atomiser or take a small 10ml spray bottle.
  • If you bought a travel atomiser then simply remove the sprayer cap from the top of your perfume bottle. The atomiser has a hole. Fit the stem of the perfume bottle (the thin tube that is exposed after removing the sprayer cap) in the hole of the atomiser and press it again and again until it gets filled. 
  • If you have a 10ml spray bottle, simply open the sprayer from the 10ml bottle and keep the mouth of your perfume sprayer on the neck of that small bottle. Now keep spraying in that bottle until it gets filled.
  • Carry the decant everywhere and spray yourself whenever needed. This will give you a daylong performance even with weak perfumes.


5. This will shock you but do not spray your wrists:


  • You are applying perfume on your wrist just because everyone else does.
  • You are doing bigger sin if you rub those wrists together. This destroys the aroma molecules of perfume.



  • Wrists are believed to be a perfect place to apply perfumes because the skin there is comparatively thinner and hence; due to blood flow, the perfume gets enough warmth to diffuse in the air. Sadly, that’s not how it goes. 
  • No matter who you are – a student, teacher, employee, boss, businessman, or homemaker; you are going to rub your wrists against a table, laptop, thighs, or any other surface at least once every few minutes. What happens then? You guessed it right!
  • Rather, apply the perfume on either sides of neck, behind each ear, below Adam’s apple, and on hair (through brush).
  • It is better to spray clothes (although letting your clothes smoke method is far better) than to spray your wrists. I know your fragrance gurus have been telling a different story but just try it to notice the difference.


6. There should be a gap of 10cm-15cm between your sprayer and skin while applying perfume:


  • You either keep the sprayer too close and then spray your skin which gives a very foul smell of alcohol and the fragrances don't get to spread on your skin.
  • Or you do just the opposite. You spray in the air and walk through the cloud. What a waste of perfume.


  • Keep the sprayer at a distance of 10cm-15cm from the area of application and then apply the fragrance. This will clear off the soul alcohol smell and would also give better spread to the perfume for better performance.


7. Apply some unscented lotion (maybe vaseline) on your skin before applying perfume:

This point is clear in itself. Sometimes our skin is dry or acidic which makes the perfume to evaporate quickly. A layer of unscented lotion will hydrate your skin and the perfume will stick on it for a longer period of time.



8. Ecosystem is THE BIGGEST SECRET (Ignore at your own risk):

  • Fragrance ecosystem means that all the body essentials that you use belong to the same line of products, have the same smell, and compliment each other when used together. 
  • Sadly, very few brands focus on creating a very high-quality fragrance ecosystem for their customers. And guess what, all the celebrities that I know stay away from such brands.
  • A fragrance ecosystem can consist of soap, aftershave, perfumes, body cream, candle, hair shampoo etc.



  • Instead of subjecting your body to different formulations and aromas, choose a signature fragrance that you want to be identified with.
  • Buy the entire ecosystem of that perfume and then layer the products.
  • Take a shower from the soap, then apply the aftershave of the same fragrance, burn the candle of the same fragrance in the home and then apply the same fragrance as perfume.
  • This will create multiple layers of fragrance on your skin and you will smell good for 14+ hours without taking a shower in perfume.

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Do not forget to use these tricks and smell better than any other person in the room. The attention will be all yours.

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