Haute Collection

The Haute Collection features a range of luxurious perfumes, each crafted around a single, legendary perfumery note. The dominant note is artfully complemented by a carefully curated selection of bold supporting notes, which serve to enhance and elevate the key scent, resulting in an unforgettable olfactory experience.

The collection is distinguished by frosted shards featuring glossy metal work on the cap and the plaque.

Haute Tobacco is the first offering in the Haute Collection, which shall soon be followed by Haute Vetiver and Haute Wood.

Pour Femme

The Pour Femme Collection introduces a range of opulent fine fragrances for the modern woman who embodies confidence, elegance, and grace. Each fragrance of the collection is invigorating yet elegant, blended explicitly for the NEESH Woman, who is bold, charismatic, and uncompromising.
Packed in the feminine iteration of the NEESH's famed emerald-cute shards, the Pour Femme collection features a range of fragrances from floral, vibrant, sultry to even aphrodisiac – all blended to capture the essence of bold luxury.

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Pour Homme

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Luxe Collection

The Luxe Collection presents a range of regal fine fragrances, centered around the fantastical note of black rose. The collection uses the note of rose in its most royal facet, carefully crafted to capture its opulent qualities. With each spritz, you'll be transported to a world of glamour and luxury, where the essence of black rose reigns supreme.

The Collection is distinguished by matt black shards featuring glossy metal work on the cap and the plaque.

Luxe Hayat, Luxe Aoud, and Luxe Mirage are the offerings in the Luxe Collection.

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Bureau Collection

The Bureau Collection offers a range of elegant luxury perfumes for the new age working professionals who desire a sophisticated and confident scent that exudes opulence and prestige. Each fine fragrance of the collection is crafted for a wide appeal, with airy and refreshing notes, blended with rare and tantalizing supporting notes for a bold character and enhanced longevity.

The collection is distinguished by transparent shards featuring matt metal work on the cap and the plaque.

Glazed Water, Signature Scent, and Cologne Sophistique are the offerings in the Bureau Collection.

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