Our Story

In 2014, the iconic jewellery house revived a 120 year old tradition

In 1904, in the vibrant land of India, a renowned jeweller named F. Chand found himself captivated by a peculiar discovery brought forth by one of his esteemed clients. It was a waxy rock-like substance known as Ambergris, a highly coveted and exceptional perfumery material derived from the digestive system of sperm whales. Possessing a delicate and enchanting marine-like scent, Ambergris was known for its exorbitant value. Intrigued by its allure, F. Chand acquired some Ambergris from his client.

F. Chand blending Ambergris with his fragrances

Driven by his fervent passion for fragrances, F. Chand began experimenting, blending the Ambergris in over 150 combinations until he achieved an olfactory symphony with the oils of wild vetiver and Mysore sandalwood. He named the blend Vergris.

F. Chand making royals try the fragrances

In 1905 As the esteemed jeweler to the royal family of Punjab, F. Chand bestowed upon them an extraordinary gift in addition to their order of gold ornaments. It was an emerald-cut bottle of a precious fragrance concentrate—Vergis. Enchanted by his innate skills in fragrance creation, the royals requested him to continue crafting bespoke fragrances for them.

For four generations, the jewellery house curated bespoke luxury fragrances exclusively for the royals.

Heritage spanning for 5 generations

In 2014 When the fifth-generation scion returned from Australia to manage his family business, he found himself captivated not by the jewellery trade but rather by their illustrious legacy in the realm of fragrance creation.

He decided to breathe a new life into their storied tradition, following his passion for fine fragrances. He collaborated with internationally acclaimed master perfumers to blend modern interpretations of their age-old craftsmanship. 

Their first two perfumes—Haute Tobacco and Luxe Hayat—embodied their ethos of crafting bold and ever-lasting essences. The fragrances received rave reviews from connoisseurs, marking the beginning of a truly unique fine fragrance brand.

Our famed design

The NEESH shard's famed design is inspired by a luxury jewel piece with an emerald-cut octa-facet pattern. From 1904 to 1988, the parent jewellery house created these jewels exclusively for the royals. Since 1988, they have been available for sale to everyone and remain an iconic symbol of the founder's jewellery house.

The intricate shard design with precious metal elements on the label and the cap represents the brand's rich legacy. It is a testament to the brand's commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail.