An Essence for Every Event: A Guide To Perfumes Apt For Any and Every Affair, for Men

An Essence for Every Event: A Guide To Perfumes Apt For Any and Every Affair, for Men

Ever found yourself stuck in a situation where your confident about your clothes but confused about what scent to wear? Let us put your mind to ease by telling you that you’re not alone in this struggle. And so, we bring to you your own personal guide to fragrances fit for various occasions.

Boys’ Night Out:

A night out spent clubbing with your friends is one that deserves attention. Rallying around the famous watering holes, one needs to don a strong armour that leaves a mark behind. An essence which is charismatic yet unique is the perfect pick for such a situation. Look for eccentric ingredients like tobacco, pepper and vanilla, and you simply can’t go wrong. The Noir Tobacco Vanilla Perfume, by Neesh, might do the trick.

The First Date:

Mystery, romance, anticipation and even anxiety fill the air when one leaves for a first date. Under such circumstances, it is highly advisable to wear a perfume that , on one hand, is easy on the sense, for no one ever wants to come on too strong, and ,on the other hand, is long-lasting enough for the lovely lady to develop a likeability for it. So, a fragrance imbibing notes of sandalwood, patchouli, and even cedarwood might make for the ideal first impression. An example of the same can be the Noir Oriental Leather Perfume, by Neesh.

A Gentlemen’s Club:

When a man reaches the midpoint of his life and bids a farewell to the wilder days of singlehood, a gentlemen club dinner is often found marked on the calendar. Leading a somewhat stable life now, he enjoys flaunting the same. So a mature fragrance might come handy when embarking for such an event. Woody notes, with tones like patchouli and saffron, make for a spot on scent. One of the perfumes that comes to mind is the Oud E Khaas, from Neesh.

First Anniversary:

An anniversary is nothing short of a celebration of love, and often, is a chance to enhance the magic and sparkle of a relationship. So, on such an occasion, go for a fragrance rich in sultry notes. Honeysuckle, rose, and even undertones of chocolate can bring to life a sensational scent, which is this day’s due right. Rose E Mohabatt by Neesh, is a truly appropriate option for a romantic affair like this.

Picnic Day:

A day spent surrounded by the serenity of nature as well as your loved ones is surely enjoyable to the teeth, but is also one demanding plenty physical activity. So, take respite in the freshest fragrances filled with tropical tones. Fruity and floral notes bottled up beautifully can be your ideal choice for the day. Experiment with a concoction made with mango, cardamom, rose and even cinnamon, for a picnic party. Oud De Venice, by Neesh, is a perfume that does justice to this occasion.

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