Can You Buy Perfumes Online Without First Testing Them?

Can You Buy Perfumes Online Without First Testing Them?

Perfumes and fragrances have been used since several ages by humans from various cultures and countries. The simple fact is because they smell sweet and fresh. Perfumes can light up your mood and fascinate the people around you. It is always nice to stick to people who smell good because a good fragrance is a sign of goodwill. Perfumes have the power to change your mood, emotions and even elicit good memories. A good perfume can speak a lot about a man’s character and nature. For many people, wearing their favorite perfume is like wearing their favorite clothing and it makes a personal statement. There are many top fragrances for men available.

Today, there are zillions of varieties of best fragrances for men available to choose from. These fabulous scents are available online as well in many stores on great deals. So for you, your favorite scent is just a click away. There is no doubt that shopping for perfumes online is easy and convenient. However, if you want to choose the best men's fragrances online then you need to have the right information about its fragrance and attributes. Buying a perfume without trying the tester can be pretty mind boggling. Here is a brief guide that will help you make the right choice of men's fragrances.

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What are fragrance notes?

A typical fragrance for the perfume is created using three different layers of scents. These are called notes and together they work beautifully to invigorate your senses. They are the top note, middle note and base note, and the trinity has worked eternally for ages. Every layer of the note has a different purpose.

The top note: As they are alluded, the top most notes are the first thing that is perceived. They are strong notes that evaporate fast. However, they are very sharp, assertive, fresh and strong. Some of the most common top notes are ginger and citrus flavors.

The middle note: This note starts its works after the top layer evaporates and dissipates. They are also commonly called the heart note of the perfume. They stay the longest on your body. Rose and lavender are the most common middle notes.

The base note: This forms the depth for the perfume. The base notes linger for a very long time even after the top and the middle notes dissipate. They can be felt in the air after 30 minutes of application. These notes are extracted from resins, musk and woods.

Types of fragrances for men: Fragrances are classified based on the depth they provide and you can buy fragrances for men based on that. Some of them are:

  • Splashes are light and pleasant, typically found in after-shave and colognes.
  • Eau de cologne is stronger splashes and is also found in after-shaves.
  • Eau de toilette is a strong perfume with a high percentage of fragrance.
  • Solid perfumes are very strong and smell from a distance in a good way. They have the highest percentage of fragrance.

Types of fragrances

Different types of fragrances suit men and there are four main varieties which are commonly used. They are citrus, woodsy, oriental floral scents. Citrus scents are known for their freshness and senso-garating feel. Floral scents are gentle and softer on the senses. A woody fragrance like musk or sandalwood is mostly preferred by men, because they are manly. Oriental types are not that common and are mostly made out of resins and patchouli.

No matter what your choice of fragrance is, you can now use this guide to collect a brief idea about the nature of perfumes. So take care before you order online.

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