Choosing The Perfect Perfume For The Perfect Place

Choosing The Perfect Perfume For The Perfect Place

When it comes to choosing perfumes, the fact is that not one perfume can work everywhere. Of course, you definitely can have your signature fragrance but to use it at all times – you will need to give that some serious thought. Among all the perfumes for men and perfumes for women, you may have your favorites that are sitting on your dressing table but whether you can wear it always is something that is often a topic for debate. There are quite some men who may argue that the top perfumes for men are good to wear at all times and occasions but in all reality, the best perfume for men that may be ideal for a night out with friends may not be really appropriate for the workplace. Also, for traveling, there are things to bear in mind before packing along your perfume.

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The Right Perfume For Workplace

Wearing the most appropriate perfume to work can be tricky. While you may want to smell good to feel happy, confident and all motivated to work, there might be some fragrances that can become a nuisance for your co-workers as they have no other go but to smell it all day long. Here are some quick tips to ensure that you pick up the right perfume for your workplace, even if you are in favor of using roll on perfumes for quick re-dos.

  • Think about your co-workers

Typically, this might seem to be a rather tricky aspect to take into consideration as fragrance choice is quite personal. Some people may like flowery scents while there may be others who may find them overpowering. Your safest bet would be to avoid heavy tones and stick to mild perfumes. All those rich, woody fragrances are ideal for your weekends.

  • Types of notes and fragrance concentrations

As a general thumb rule, it is recommended to avoid heavy notes of fragrances while picking the right perfume for work. Light floral and citrus scents like Bergamot, Lemon, Aquatic notes, Apple, Gardenia, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, etc. are good to go for work wear. As for the concentration, again lighter concentrations such as with body mists work well in an office set-up.

  • Re-applying perfumes

As most perfumes recommended for office wear are lighter in concentration, there is a good chance that you may need some re-applications. In this case, roll-on perfumes or solid perfumes are recommended as they are less intrusive than the spray-on perfumes.

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The Right Perfume For Travel

Another instance when choosing an appropriate perfume becomes a task is when you are travelling. Many a times, you may find that choosing the perfect perfume for your holiday or for your travel is not as easy as it may sound. Some perfume bottles are quite extravagant to pack along while some may be quite expensive that you don’t want to risk losing on your holiday. So, here is your solution, use the many websites that offer perfume online shopping and order for the miniature travel versions of your favorite fragrances. If available, you can also opt for the roll on perfumes that are either a version of your fragrance or close to it. Another thing that you should definitely bear in mind is to pack along heavy tones for colder regions and light, breezy tones of fragrances for warmer places.

Lastly, if you are shopping for perfumes online, you may miss the traditional shopping experience of sniffing to find your favorite fragrance. However, in true sense, you don’t really need to sniff. The descriptions that the online perfume stores give often replicate memories that you may have and thereby, you can easily predict and even imagine the fragrance. There are also fragrance finder tools online that take into account your requirements and help you choose between selected perfumes that match your requirements.


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