Do You Know The Difference Between Eau De Parfum And Perfume?

Do You Know The Difference Between Eau De Parfum And Perfume?

You must have come across many people using the word ‘cologne’ while some using the word ‘ Eau De Parfum. There are many perfume bottles which have the term ‘Eau de Parfum for men’ and ‘Eau de Parfum for women’ written on them. So are these scents different or are they just different names for the same things? Let’s find out.

If you go to any perfume shop and ask for a perfume base, you might get ‘perfume essence’ bottles which are actually severely concentrated versions of fragrances. These include fragrant essential oils such as sandalwood, lime, cedar wood, jasmine, neroli, rose, musk, ambergris and many such others. Some of these fragrances are derived from animal extracts while some are combinations of two or three oils. These base perfume bottles can be very unpleasant and highly concentrated. They have to be diluted with water and alcohol.

The different terms such as Perfume, Eau De Perfume, Eau de Toilette and Cologne are nothing but different concentrations of fragrances out of which perfumes bear the highest concentrations.

The basic 4 terms are explained in detail below:

  • Perfume: A perfume available in bottles in stores is a diluted version of many oils, extracts and bases concocted together. Every perfume has a different concentration, different oils and different formulas to give us that exotic smell which lingers for so long. Because perfume bears the highest concentration, it is also the strongest and most expensive of all 4. A good quality perfume will be oilier than cologne and deodorant. They are generally sold with corks or stoppers in their bottles to prevent the liquid from evaporating. They are not provided in spray bottles because one might spray too much quantity all over.
  • Eau de Perfume : When you go to buy eau de perfume, you get it in bottles with a spray. An Eau de Perfume generally is developed from the same perfume essence but in a diluted form with more alcohol and water. It will be less oily, less expensive and less strong when compared to its original perfume. An Eau de Perfume has 10-20% of essence and is available in spray bottles. But these are best applied on few areas of your clothes instead of being doused everywhere.
  • Eau de Toilette : Do not confuse eau de toilette with a perfume or a eau de perfume. This one has high alcohol content and tends to evaporate faster. It is available cheaper than the other two mentioned above and can be sprayed a little more liberally. This one has 4 -15% of perfume essence only.
  • Eau de Cologne : The most diluted versions of perfume are cologne. These contain only 2-5% of perfume essence. These are more common amongst teens as they can be sprayed liberally all over and are pretty cheap to buy.

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Another interesting factor about perfumes is that Eau de Perfume for men and Eau de Perfume for women differ. Many people call it a marketing gimmick and say that they are all same. But the fact is that they are very different with regard to the essential oils and fragrances they use. A woman’s fragrance can be floral, fruity, sweet and fresh while a man’s fragrance can be woody, fresh, oriental but definitely not floral. These are generally divided because of the difference between feminist and masculinity.

So do not spray a woman’s eau de perfume, the next time you go out as someone who has in depth knowledge might notice your faux pas!

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