Everything a Woman Should Know About Perfumes

Everything a Woman Should Know About Perfumes

Women have always been fascinated by fragrances and that is why perfumery is a flowering industry. The reason why perfumes have a special place in women’s heart is because women have always been fascinated by flowers. Since the early time of civilization, fragrance has had a special attraction for women. In earlier days, fragrance was directly derived from flowers, wood, and oils. As time passed, top perfumes for women has gone through a lot of transformation and have come a long way in the process of evolution.

Today, perfumes are the most expensive and luxurious commodity in the world. Perfumes come under a huge classification with a lot of varieties. Perfumes today linger for a long time and have a lasting effect on the body. Eau-de-toilette is the best perfume for women and has less oil and a high staying capacity, making it ideal for office use.

Categories of perfume

Some of the categories of women's fragrance are segregated by fresh, natural, fruity, citrus, spicy, musk, oriental, woody and sports fragrances. Before buying the perfume consider your personality and preference of flavor. This is a very important aspect in choosing perfumes because nobody will like to wear something that is loud for the senses. The soft smelling ones are preferred by most women.

Forms of perfume

Perfumes for women come in bottles as a spray bottle; some are available as roll-on and dab on style that are the best fragrance for women. There are other cosmetics also available with perfumes like soaps, talcum powder and lotions. Aroma oils are another form of perfumes that is used in holistic therapies like massages. All these forms of perfumes have longer staying power and are quite potent.

Application of perfume

Best fragrances for women have to be applied properly in a specific way and it should directly be applied on the skin and other pulse points. Avoid rubbing the perfume in and wait for it to dry on the skin. Also, do not apply perfume on face and near sensitive areas like the eyes or behind the ears. This hampers the effect of the perfume. Do not apply perfume on the clothes or jewelry directly as they will cause a stain. Dry your body well after a shower and apply the perfume. Give it some time to dry before wearing your clothes. This way, you can ensure a long and lasting fragrance on your body.

Storing the perfume

Perfumes have to be stored in the right way for lasting for several months. Extreme temperatures can destroy the qualities of the perfume. In some cases, perfume can be stored in the refrigerator for durability. Place the cap of the bottle tight and keep the bottle in standing position to prevent leakage. Never keep your perfumes for several years as they lose their potency. Enjoy the perfume when you buy it and use it regularly for a few months. It is always best to keep buying them after finishing a few bottles.

Perfumes are a wonderful thing to have as a part of your wardrobe. Instead of having a huge collection, keep a few fragrances that are your favorite and use them regularly. Keep some for everyday wear and some for special occasions. A good combination of both varieties can make your wardrobe complete and perfect for you for any occasion. Colognes are ideal for regular office wear and easy to manage. However, the smell of cologne does not last as much as perfumes. There are several top brands that sell very good perfumes and also they are not that expensive.

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