Fragrances As Per Your Zodiac

Fragrances As Per Your Zodiac

Have you ever thought of knowing your star smell? Well, for those of you who strongly believe in the power of stars and the impact of zodiac signs in their life, this is going to be interesting. People do many things that are aligned favourably with their sun signs and the latest in the line is choosing you scent in accordance to your zodiac sign.


Their strong personalities and high energy is complimented by citrus fragrances that bring a refreshing tinge to their fiery hotness especially among the women. The Aries men can try spicy notes such as cloves and pepper which add to their fierceness and compliment their masculinity. Check out the Belle D Oud by Neesh with its spicy sparkly freshness and Oud-De-Venice with a nostalgic blend.


This earth sign with the sheer power of a bull needs a fragrance that keeps them grounded. Musky and woody scents work the best for this sign. Get a scent with base notes of sandalwood, rose etc are a must buy for this sign. Be sure to check out Rose E Mohabatt with base note of roses and Eau De Mehfil with mysterious woody notes by Neesh.


The most charming sign of the zodiac (also the most talkative one) is best endorsed by floral scents such lavender and jasmine. The spirited personality of a Gemini is always noticed. Discover a whole new fruity you with White Mulberry by Neesh.


The dedicated sign of Virgo is the sign that takes on responsibility for themselves and others. To calm their over working selves, the best fragrances that also invigorate their charm is citrus based or soothing vanilla notes. Compare prices of Moha Beau-T and the exotic Rose Vanilla by Neesh.


Libra is a sunning that owns the world of fragrances. These people with hearts full of love are best complimented by floral notes. They tend to try a variety of scents before they discover and buy their favourite fragrance. Belle-D Oud is a fragrance that is the perfect buy or to give a gift to this sign.


Cancerians are romantics and they have a certain energy to them that goes on tirelessly. The best perfume to go with this sign must be with grounded floral and warm scents. Add to you collection the Tobacco vanilla and Eau De Mehfil.


The dark and mysterious Scorpio is also the nastiest of all. Seductive and intense fragrance is what goes the best for them as it gives a whiff of their intriguing personalities. Check out the Oriental Leather EDP by Neesh.


The bold and the beautiful, Leo loves to be the centre of attraction at every place. They are born kings of the zodiacs and fragrance works as an aphrodisiac for them. Spice based and warm scents go best with them. Try today the irresistible fragrance of Sultana by Neesh.


They are jovial and generous and are always running for new experiences in new places. They cannot be contained. Light and Citrus notes go well with their spirited personalities. Check out the Belle D Oud by Neesh.


The earth sign that is known to an achiever in all aspects of life. These ambitious and hardworking people need a fragrance that lightens them up and creates positivity for them. The floral and sweet notes keep them calm as they are always buried deep in thoughts. Be sure to try out the Oud E Khaas which represents luxury in a bottle.


They are creative thinkers who tend to be different from the lot. They are wanderers in true sense. Elements such as fruits, sandalwood tend to work best for this sign and they like to experiment with fragrances due to their curiosity. Check out the Attar E Ishq and Eau De Mehfil.


Pisceans have a quality to always create something from nothing. This sign is creative as well as dedicated to live their life in best way. Fragrances such a s mist, lavender and aquatic notes works well with them. Get the White Mulberry, Oud de Khaas by Neesh.

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