Game of Colognes

Game Of Colognes

Eccentricity, excitement, everlasting; almost synonymous are these words with the world of Neesh. With unusual concoctions and lingering alluring fragrances for men and women, Neesh finds home in the hearts of its wearers and those around. Thinking along a similar plot, we came across the something else online that caught the hearts of many, the legendary, jaw-dropping, mind blowing series of Game of Thrones. And so, we thought it only fair to draw a comparison between these two sensationally unusual worlds.

Neesh Noir Oriental Leather - Lord Tyrion Lannister

An eau de parfum for men that is reminiscent of olden library books and antiquities, Neesh Noir Oriental Leather is a perfect reflection of Lord Tyrion. Possessing an old source and a rich deep character, this fragrance for men builds as it stays after its spray. Crafted for the confident and suave gentlemen, it embraces the wearer in all its rich hues. Much like the Lannister, this men’s cologne is an old soul, mirroring with perfection a regal time goe by.

Neesh Lumiere White Mulberry - Daenerys Targaryen

Extracts from exotic flowers mingled with a conventional floral essence curate the Neesh Lumiere White Mulberry, and so, there remains no doubt as to who this women’s perfume reminds one of in the Game of Thrones land. Yes, you guessed it right - Daenerys Targaryen. This eau de parfum for women exudes power and confidence with its long-lasting linger. A scintillation aura is built around the wearer of this finest women’s fragrance, with a pleasing play of the wondrous fragrances that go into its creation. With a sweet undertone, Lumiere White Mulberry from Neesh becomes the best perfume to mirror the leader with a just heart - the Dragon Queen.

Neesh Noir Tobacco Vanilla - Jon Snow

Vanilla’s naivity when blended with the ruggedness of musky tobacco essence gives birth to a men’s eau de parfum that makes one think of the King in the North - Jon Snow. Unusual yet uniquely intoxicating, this eccentric men’s cologne houses its own niche in the hearts of many. With a tinge of black pepper and sensational citrus notes, this top-notch fragrance for men is crafted for those who leaves his mark, and seldom go unnoticed. A popular scent for men, it surely brings one to his knees.

Neesh Lumiere Rose Vanilla - Sansa Stark

Neesh Lumiere Rose Vanilla prides itself a symbol of feminine beauty and love, with a blend of bergamot essence. Hence, it is no surprise that Sansa Stark best mirrors this women’s perfume’s persona. A strong scent for women, rose and vanilla are amalgamated with just enough wooden essence to produce a fragrance with a powerful presence and impactful character. With Bergamot adding an instant dose of shimmer, we are sure that this fragrance for women is reflective of Lady Stark.

And so, we see how beautiful the two fanciful worlds mirror each other. Now you can easily pick the best perfumes from Neesh for him and her, as per your favourite character!

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