Get the Answer to What Type of Perfume Lasts the Longest

Get the Answer to What Type of Perfume Lasts the Longest

“What type of perfume lasts the longest?” - This is a critical question you ask yourself when shopping for scents. After all, you are paying big bucks for the fragrance; you need to know that it leaves you with an unwavering aroma that excites and enthralls for as long as possible. To answer your question, there are various kinds of perfumes available, each with a different fragrance concentration. This refers to the power and vigor of the fragrance. Based on this element, you can get an idea about the lingering powers of a perfume.

The magnetic powers of Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum has a good fragrance concentration. With an oil concentration that hangs between 15 to 20%, you can expect the aroma to last for a good four to five hours or so before it begins to show signs of wearing off. It is not as costly as perfume and blends in well with the vibe of any occasion. It proves to be ideal for sensitive skin.


The incomparable command of Parfum

Parfume or better known as pure perfume lasts for an entire day and it should too, after all, it comes with a 20% oil concentration and 15% to 40% fragrance. While this fragrance is of the most expensive kind, it easily lasts for six to eight hours. The scent works great for individuals with delicate skin owing to its less alcohol content. It so does not dry your skin out to a great degree, especially when compared to other fragrances.


The appealing Eau de Cologne

Eau de cologne comes with a high concentration of alcohol and a 2% to 4% fragrance concentration. So, it is likely to last for two to three hours or so. It is cheaper than most other kinds of fragrances and a lot of the scent needs to be used to achieve the desired effect.


The alluring energy of Eau de Toilette

With a fragrance concentration of about 5% to 15%, eau de toilette (EDT) comes with a shelf life of two to three hours. It is one of the most popular fragrances in the market and is not as expensive as eau de parfum. This fragrance is considered to be ideal for daywear.


The charming pull of Eau Fraiche

The characteristics of Eau de Fraiche and Eau de Cologne are very similar to one another particularly because both these scents last for up to two to three hours. Having said that, eau fraiche possesses an even lower concentration of fragrance that is from 1% to 3% or so. This fragrance does not come with high alcohol content so what is left is basically water and fragrance.

Other than this, there are also mists, aftershaves and various other kinds of fragrances. All in all, you need to pay attention to fragrance concentration and your skin’s chemistry with it when deciphering which scent lasts the longest and which is the ideal one for you. Perfumes that come with a higher fragrance concentration possess less alcohol and more perfume oils. Besides this, you also need to look at fragrance notes which ultimately decide the final scent. Hopefully, now you have a better idea of which perfume lasts the longest and which is the best for you.

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