How to apply Attar perfume?

How to apply Attar perfume?

Just like how serene the name sounds, the attar is a variant of perfume that presents an overwhelming experience. Smelling it transports your mind instantly to a valley of flowers. Attar is a pure perfume oil extracted from botanical sources, mainly flowers (like rose, jasmine, sandalwood), and spices, herbs, and barks. Most perfumes that are available in the market feature high content of alcohol, even up to 95%. So, the pure perfume oil content they provide is only a small percentage of 5-20%.  On the other hand, attar is 100% pure perfume that is free from alcohol and chemicals.

How to apply perfume for long-lasting fragrance for men?

To get the optimum fragrance and make it last, apply it to the ideal points. The places men should concentrate on are the pulse points. These are the warmest areas of the bodies, which heat easily like the neck, chest, shoulder, wrists, and inner elbows. The warmer they get, the more the fragrance spreads. Only a little amount of perfume can go a long way. You can select one or two of these areas to target. The wrists and neck make the best combination. You might think that the crutch, armpits, and behind the knees get warm too, but those are not ideal areas to apply cologne. If you are looking to buy men's fragrances online, Neesh is a luxury brand that can meet your expectations.

There are a few steps that can make your cologne smell fresh and last throughout the day.

  1. Apply cologne only after you have had your shower and your skin is fresh.
  2. The usual habit of spraying the cologne in the air and walking through it causes a lot of wastage.
  3. Target only the pulse points.
  4. While spraying, the bottle should be held 3-6 inches away from your skin.
  5. Showering in perfume will only repel the people you meet. 2-4 sprays are enough to make you smell good.
  6. People often commit the mistake to rub the perfume into the skin after applying. This takes away the essence of the scent.
  7. When you feel the fragrance wearing off, reapply on your wrists. Buy pocket perfumes online to make reapplying easy.

How to apply perfume to last all day for women?

We hate to break this to you, but the reason your fragrance does not last might not be the problem with your perfume rather how you apply it. If your perfume fades away in 2 hours that is because you are applying it the wrong way.

  1. Layer your perfume over unscented deodorant

    Deodorants are meant to control your body odor, which is natural when you sweat. So they go to your 'must' list. No matter how refreshing floral deodorants might feel in summers, once you pair it with your favorite musk-scented perfume, the combination becomes pungent. It will irritate your nose the whole day and bother the people around you. Unscented deodorants come to the rescue, serving the purpose and not mixing with your perfume.

  2. Pick the perfume with a higher concentration

    The concentration is the ratio of perfume to alcohol, the latter is used to diffuse a scent. Understanding the ratio helps you determine how long the fragrance will stay on your body. Eau de perfumes come with a higher concentration of perfume lasting up to 5 hours, whereas Eau de toilettes are less concentrated and can last only up to 3 hours.

  3. Use an unscented body oil before perfume

    Dry skin is not a great keeper of the fragrance. Anyone with oily skin is blessed when it comes to making perfumes last. Body oils are not only excellent to add glow but also hold the scent better. Neesh is the best site to buy women’s perfume online with a range that you will admire.

  4. Spray perfume only on your pulse points

    Pulse points get warmed up easily helping the fragrance to diffuse across the entire body. Here's a pro-tip no one told you, get a roll-on perfume for women and apply it on your ankles and calves. This allows the scent to rise throughout the day. The other pulse points to focus on are your wrists, inside of the elbows, on your neck, below your midriff, behind the knees.

How to apply perfume to clothes?

An easier way to make a perfume last which people often miss is by spraying it directly on your clothes. Spritz your shirt in the summer months and your coat or leather jacket in winter.

To make the perfume last longer in your clothes and avoid staining them, place tissue papers sprayed with your favorite scent on the lines of your dresser drawers in advance. This gives time for the clothes to absorb the fragrance.

How to apply perfume to last all day?

  1. Apply at the right time

    Applying perfume just after taking a shower when skin is damp allows it to lock in the scent. Also, before putting on your clothes wait a few minutes for the perfume to dry.

  2. Rub petroleum jelly on pulse point

    Rub a little Vaseline on the pulse points you are choosing. Then apply your perfume as the ointment helps in holding the fragrance for longer. You can get the best roll-on perfume at Neesh.

  3. Spray your hairbrush

    Bad hair odor can be a big turn-off. You do not only want your body and clothes to smell good, but also your hair. You can either buy dedicated hair perfumes for this or spray your favorite perfume on your brush and then run it through your hair. Never spray alcohol-based perfumes directly on hair as that can dry it out.

    If you do not want your perfume to lose its essence, do not store it on your bathroom shelf. Humidity and dampness do not react well with fragrances and break them down. Store it in a dark and cool place to enjoy it till the expiration date. Making the perfume last is all about knowing how and where to apply it. Once you figure that out, you can make the most out of your perfume. 

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