How to Apply Perfume the Right Way

How to Apply Perfume the Right Way

If you think wearing perfume simply means spraying your favorite women's fragrance at a few tried and tested places on your body, think again. This is the easy way to spritz fragrance. However, if you want to wear fragrance well, it needs a bit more skill. A variety of factors come into play if you want to win at applying perfume. In fact, many women get their routine of wearing perfume wrong most of the time. To make sure you don’t fall under this category, here is how you can apply perfume the right way

Don’t rub the perfume in

It doesn’t matter whether you have the best perfume for women with you; it is not going to give you the desired effect if you are going to rub it into your skin so refrain from doing so. This is because, the friction that is created by rubbing, heats up the skin. This in turn produces natural enzymes that alter the course of the scent. Rubbing does away with the crispness and integrity of the scent. You can spritz both wrists lightly so that the liquid sinks in and after that, don’t do anything at all.

Strategically spray yourself

There is no point in looking at picking top perfumes for women if you don’t know where to spray it. Remember, perfume doesn’t last long on dry skin and see that you don’t cover it up with your clothing too. Look to spray target areas that are exposed to air instead. This includes the pulse points of the neck as well as wrists and even inner elbows (particularly if you are wearing a sleeveless blouse).

How the environment affects the perfume

Spraying the best fragrance for women meant for you isn’t going to help much if you are going to store the bottle in an environment that affects the scent present inside it. Perfume is very sensitive to environmental changes and does not adjust well to particularly cold or hot temperatures. Heat, humidity and light can effect can break down the perfume and lessen the quality of the fragrance. So make certain you store your scent in the right place, away from direct sunlight or steamy bathrooms.

Spray it on after putting on Vaseline

If you want to make certain the fragrance you are wearing lasts for a longer period of time, see that you rub Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying the perfume. This ensures the scent lasts longer when compared to merely spraying it onto dry skin. While you at it, making certain the fragrance lasts for a longer period, see that you spritz the perfume right after taking a shower and before getting dressed. The moisture on your skin locks the scent in place.

Spray it onto the warm areas of your body

To make certain the fragrance lasts longer, it is essential to choose a couple of target areas to spray your body with. This includes on your wrists, inside your elbows, on your neck, behind your knees, below your midriff and on your calves and ankles. This works to diffuse the fragrance across your entire body. Spraying the fragrance on your calves and ankles ensure the scent continues to rise all throughout the day.

So there you have it. Make certain you put as much thought into applying the perfume correctly as much as you do so when choosing between the best fragrances for women for you. This ensures you smell amazing all the time while the strategic spritzing of the scent ensures its intoxicating scent brings out the senses in all the right ways.  

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