How To Choose The Right Perfume For You

How To Choose The Right Perfume For You

A fragrance is a memory that is sometimes yet to come. Scents have a strong presence in our lives. Smelling good is not just a form of good etiquette but a quintessential part of dressing. They say, you may wear the best attire but it is never complete without a perfume.

The point is many of us know the importance of a good perfume but do you really know how to find out what’s the best fragrance for you? It is necessary to understand and discover more of this invisible accessory to bring the best out it before you buy it.

Choose a scent that goes perfectly with your personality and makes you comfortable in your skin. The choices are endless and you may be lost and confused in the garden of fragrance but don’t worry, we can help you sniff the best one out. Let’s learn more on how to choose your scent.

Take Notes : 

Each fragrance is guided by it’s three notes. The first one is the ’Top note’, which is like the first impression of the fragrance as soon as you open that bottle. Top notes die out soon within some time, bringing in the ‘Middle or Heart Note’. This is the note that lasts the longest and forms the basis of your scent. Some of the most known heart notes are lemongrass, rose, ylang ylang, geranium, coriander, nutmeg, lavender neroli and jasmine.

Chemistry matters:

Always spray the perfume on your skin before you purchase it to see how it blends with the pheromones of your skin. Every skin reacts differently to a scent. On some people the scent may smell better, while on some it might fade easy. Spray it on your skin and check the scent later on to see how well it lasts. Although, try not to spray more than one scent on each hand so as to keep the scents from mixing up.

Know the difference:

The fragrance industry is one of the longest surviving and thriving industry. However when something runs so popularly for so long, there are some common guidelines that one can follow to join the suit.

Most people get confused with the term perfume, eau de toilette and eau de cologne and eau de parfum. The difference lies in the concentration of the oils that make up the fragrance.

Eau de cologne & eau de toilette are the ones with lowest concentration of about 7% to 10% respectively. The top notes are dominant in these and are thus sold off in big 200ml packing as you may need to re apply them in summers.

Eau de perfum has the middle or heart notes as dominant and thus lasts longer than any of the above. The concentration of oil essence goes up to 20% in this one.

Perfume or extrait, is the one with the highest concentration of essence oils that goes from 25% up to 40 %. It is also the most expensive and needless to say the best of fragrances.

Know what you like to like what you know:

The biggest mistake people make while choosing a fragrance is not deciding what kind of scent they actually like. If you are clear on the choice of scent family, the rest gets easier. The best way is to build yourself a perfume wardrobe. Gather up at least 4 to 5 various fragrances that compliment your lifestyle.

Our smell senses can trigger memories with a familiar scent. Find out the fragrances that remind you of happy moments. Also take in account the weather of the place you live at. On a warm bright day, fresh, energising notes are the best choice. 

Life is but a garden of variety

Scents like mint, lemongrass or citrus base keep your spirits high all day long.

Remember the fragrance of coming spring or the sweet smell after first rain drops, the warm and sweet smell of home. Floral scents are the most popular scents for women all over the world. They are feminine, fresh and lively that keep your confidence bubbling all day long. Try out the sweet and sensuous White Mulberry EDP & Rose Vanilla EDP by Neesh. It also makes a good choice to give a gift to someone.

Oriental fragrances consist of intense notes such as musk, cloves, cinnamon, pepper etc. Floral and luxurious fragrances such as jasmine, mandarine, bergamot are perfect to embrace the mix. Perfect choice for the mysteriously seductive and classy. One of the best scents for a sensuous evening or winters. Add to your collection the Uber luxurious Oriental Leather EDP or the Tobacco Vanilla EDP by Neesh for the perfect man. You can view all their top notch lifestyle products and latest information when you sign up on their website.

Apart from all this, be sure to try a few perfumes before you buy one. Do not smell more than 4-5 fragrances to get the complete hang of the fragrance. Smell the coffee beens in perfume shops to ease your senses of smell. Develop a signature scent for yourself and change it according to the seasons or your mood. Go, sniff the best one out!

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