How to choose the right perfume that enhances your personality?

How to choose the right perfume that enhances your personality?

What qualities do you believe make you attractive to women? You might suggest good looks, fashionable clothing, a chiseled body, a flawless hairstyle, or a well-kept beard. But we still overlook the most underappreciated aspect of a man's ensemble: the scent he wears. A fascinating perfume will leave an indelible impression on the mind of the wearer for weeks.

Simply spraying the right perfume on your body would instantly make you 10 percent more attractive. If you have a charming personality and smell attractive, women will sometimes overlook your appearance. The market is flooded with choices for the most luxurious men's perfume, which can be overwhelming. You need to develop a signature scent that immediately reminds people of you and transports them back to their childhood memories of you. The target should be to come up with something that enhances your charisma and exemplifies your best self.

  • Consider the Perfume Type

The advertisements that pop on your TV with men spraying cologne on their perfectly shaped bodies have instilled a general belief that colognes are best suited for men while perfumes are for women. But these are just terms to differentiate the concentration of perfume in the sprays.

The names suggest the level of perfume concentration you would be getting. You will have the bottles marked with four categories, Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Cologne.

For all the newbies struggling with selection, let us help you out. The most potent perfume concentration is found in Parfum, ranging from 20-30%. Eau de Parfum is brimmed with a modest 15-20%. Eau de Toilette only comprises 5 to 15%. Eau de Cologne provides you 2-5% concentration, which is the least. These concentrations are set by dilution with alcohol and water to make the desired body spray.

The most concentrated perfume lasts longer while a cologne will fade away in a few hours. The best perfume company for men knows that a pungent spray can drive away a lady’s attention. So, they calculate the appropriate concentration and come up with the most flirtatious fragrances.

  • Analyze the notes in the Scent

Do you like those little experiments that leave you in awe? Well, we have one for you that will help you pick the perfect scent every time. While choosing a perfume, spray it on your wrists and elbows and monitor how the fragrance progresses. After some time come back to the store and you will exactly know if that was a right fit.

The reason behind the experiment is that any kind of fragrance evolves with the passage of time. This is also why you fail to describe a particular scent to your friend over the phone.

Every perfume is created keeping in mind a combination of three notes. The top note serves as a first-contact aroma, meant to soothe the senses. Hence, you will find them usually made from the sweetest and lightest of ingredients, like flowers and citrus. The middle note composes the heart of your fragrance and is the most dominating. Your nose might get to smell some extracts of fruits, spices, greens, or essence of other heavier florals.

The third note is the foundational note, lasting the longest. This is what differentiates men's perfumes from women. If smelt alone, you will almost find it unpleasant to the nose as this note mostly comprises woody scents that can represent tobacco, musk, cedarwood. etc. Even the most high-end men's perfume adds such notes because when they meet the other two, they impart a masculine vibe.

So, when you let the scent linger for some time, you experience a hint of all the three notes and can decide for yourself if they gratify your personality.

  • Check Your Persona

The perfume you choose will serve as a mark to remember you by. You must decide whether you want the person to remember you as a romantic type or desire to come across as a broody one. This fragrance will be your style statement. The romantic ones often go for dominating floral scents ranging from lavender, jasmine to bergamot, mixed with hints of spices. The serious characters choose woody fragrances like musk, moss, tobacco vetiver, etc. Moreover, the fragrance you pick should complement your charm and body language.

The style you carry, the clothes you wear, and the shoes you put on might make you look elegant, but a bad body odor can spoil your game. The top-selling men's perfume will have the right amount of sensuousness and masculinity.

So, what is the wait for?

Get the one for you now!

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