How to Make Men’s Fragrances Last Longer

How to Make Men’s Fragrances Last Longer

It is a fact that best fragrances for men are an essential part of their grooming regime and you would seldom find any modern men going out to work or meet their close ones without dabbing themselves with a generous amount of scents. One quality which everyone looks for when they buy fragrances for men is its longevity. While most upscale perfumes have a last a decent duration, there are a few hacks which you can apply to make your scent’s durability even longer. These creative techniques will help you stay for an extended period outdoors without worrying for reapplication of perfumes.

Rubbing Petroleum Jelly on Pulse Points

Men's fragrances, in general, do not like dry skin. They stay for limited hours when your body is not duly moisturised. Applying a small amount of Vaseline around your pulse points including wrists, neck, and elbows can do wonder in increasing the longevity of perfumes. It will help the scent radiate from your body for up to 8 hours. The natural oil present in moisturised skin forms a chemical bond with the synthetic molecules in fragrances making it stay for the prolonged duration. However, be careful about the amount of petroleum jerry applied around your neck, as too much application can make your skin greasy and stain the collar of your shirt.

Build Layers of Perfume

You can build layers of fragrances on your clothes by applying a combination of different perfumes. Before wearing them on your body, spray them on a fragrance bottle and check whether they complement each other. While using a combination of scents, use the strong one at first. Apply it on your heat points like neck, wrist, and elbow which will diffuse the aroma all over the body. Spraying it on ankles and calves will help it rise later in the day. After the strong perfume, use the lighter fragrances to create a long-lasting effect in combination.

Oriental Leather EDP

Apply Perfume after a Shower

Best time to apply top fragrances for men is always after a refreshing shower. It hydrates your skin, and remove all foreign odours and dust particles from your body. If you use luke-warm water for the shower, then it is even better as it opens up the pores on your skin and the perfume oil seep inside your body. The scent remains locked in for a longer duration on your body.

Store the Perfume Wisely

Never store your fragrances in damp places like bathrooms or under the direct influence of sun rays. Studies have proved that high intensity of sunlight, heat, or moisture can breakdown the perfume oil molecules and thereby decreasing its effectiveness. Do not shake the perfume bottle, as the aromatic compounds are unstable and can break down into small molecules on vigorous shaking. You can store the perfume inside your wardrobe e or closet. If you wish to display them on your dresser, then it is a better idea to keep them within the box to prevent the entry of sunlight.

Do Not Rub Your Wrist after Applying Perfume

Many of you have a habit of rubbing the wrist together after applying fragrance. The friction of hands leads to early fading of top notes of scent by breaking the molecular bonds of perfume oil. It is better to leave the fragrance on its own and let it unfold its character. In this way, you can smell it after long hours of application.

So, this was, in brief, few useful techniques for improving the lasting of perfumes. When you buy men's fragrances online, you can go through many more tips about the preserving of perfume for the best results in the manufacturer’s portal.

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