How to Make your Perfume Linger and Last Longer

How to Make your Perfume Linger and Last Longer

People have been fascinated with fragrances since time immemorial. In fact, scents play a major role in courtship and attraction. Hence, it is in your interest to buy the best perfume for men and women so that you can make it last longer and ensure you attract the right person into your life. Also, perfumes tend to work on your mood. So, a longer lasting perfume will keep motivated and energized throughout the day.

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Storage and Preservation

It is prudent to remember that whether it is eau de parfum for men or women, you should be aware of the shelf life and storage. Always store the eau de parfum for women and men in a cool, dark place that has constant temperature. This way, your opened perfume will last for about 3 years while the unopened one for 4 years. Remember to discard expired perfumes as they deteriorate with age.

Here are some tips to help you out when you are indulging in perfume online shopping. These tips will help you make your perfume linger.

Spray from a Distance

Keep the pocket perfume for women (or men) about 20 cm away from your skin before you spray it. When you do this, the airborne spray settles on the skin surface better and will not concentrate in one area. This way, the perfume will last longer.

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Spray on Clean Skin

Take a warm shower to open up your pores. Thereafter, spray the perfume. This way, your skin will absorb it and the scent will last throughout the day. Also, when perfume is sprayed on clean skin, it has a tendency to linger longer. The same does not hold true for sweaty or dirty skin.

Apply Vaseline on Pulse Points

Whether you buy perfumes online or offline, it is essential that you apply a little Vaseline on your pulse points. This is because the scent will last longer as the oil molecules in the Vaseline will trap the fragrance and keep it adhered to your body. If you don’t have Vaseline, use a non-scented body lotion.

Never Store Perfume in the Bathroom

The bathroom is moist and hot. So, it is not the best place to store your perfume. It will cause the perfume to disintegrate, causing the scent to decline in quality. It will also alter the time the perfume lasts on the skin. Hence, store your perfume in a cool, dark place that is dry. Usually, the closet is the best place for this purpose.

Spray Perfume on Your Hair

Spraying perfume on your hair will make it last longer. However, do remember that many perfumes have alcohol content and this could damage your hair. So, spray the perfume on your brush and then run it through your hair. This way, the fragrance will last longer without the perfume damaging your hair.

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Today, it is possible to buy perfumes online. So, go ahead and buy your pocket perfume online and use these tips to spray the perfume on-demand and make it linger and last longer.

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