How to Pick Right Fragrance for You?

How to Pick Right Fragrance for You?

Most people shop for fragrances to smell nice and uplift their spirits and mood. Many people use the same fragrance for years and the scent becomes their signature scent. You too can purchase your signature fragrance, but make sure that the scent is the right one for you.

Identify the Scent

It is essential to identify the scent so that you can connect with it. The world of fragrances is replete with numerous types of scents, like floral, which is one of the most popular. A floral scent can be limited to one flower or a bouquet of flowers and is often considered women’s fragrance. On the other hand, a woody scent is more masculine, but can also be feminine and sophisticated.

There are so many other types of scents like green, oceanic, oriental and fougere. Try to identify the scent you connect with and it will make it easier to find the right fragrance for you.

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Fragrance by the Season

You need to consider the season as well before buying a fragrance. Fresh and citrusy fragrances are apt for hot weather. However, in cold weather, musky and rich perfume is the need of the hour. Such a fragrance is rich and spicier and wearing it in summer can make the perfume overwhelming and choking. Hence, check out the top fragrances for men and women, and select a few so that you have one fragrance for each type of weather.

Don’t Forget the Notes

Whether it is women’s or men’s fragrances, it is essential to figure out the notes. A scent comprises the following notes:

  • Top Notes: These are the first scent that you smell and give the first impression of the scent. It is important that you like the top notes. However, this smell does not last long as the top notes evaporate quickly.
  • Middle Notes: Once the top notes evaporate, it paves way for the middle notes, which are the body of the fragrance. These notes are not that overpowering and take anywhere from two minutes to an hour to emerge.
  • Base Notes: The base notes combine with the middle notes to provide a fragrance with its characteristic scent. These notes provide depth to the perfume and usually appear about 30 minutes of application.

Once you know the notes, you can buy fragrances that you like. For instance, if you want an earthy perfume, opt for a fragrance that is a strong earthy base notes. On the other hand, if you want a fresh and light perfume, select one with fresh top notes.

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Determine the Concentration

When you buy fragrances for men and women, you find out that most come with four levels of concentration. The higher the concentration, the longer the perfume will last. Also, such perfumes are more expensive. Just remember, lighter concentrations are meant for day use while stronger ones are for the night and special occasions.

Buy Your Fragrance

Now you have more knowledge to buy the best fragrances for men and women. Did you know that you can buy women’s and men’s fragrances online? While in the earlier days people used to go to a physical store to buy fragrances, now you easily buy them online based on these tips. This way, you will feel confident to buy the perfect perfume for yourself.

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