How to Spray Perfume - Easy Tips To Spray Perfume

How to Spray Perfume - Easy Tips To Spray Perfume

Easy Tips To Spray Perfume The Right Way

Everyone loves the smell of scents after all they come with an enchanting and captivating power that charms our senses and takes us on a sensual experience. But do you know how to spray it in a manner that achieves this desire effect? Yes, making your signature fragrance last without multiple applications is hard but you needn’t worry too much. Here is how you can spray your favorite perfume in a way that enhances the life of your defining fragrance.

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Focus On Your Pulse Points

You might have heard about this fact at some point or the other. To make sure your scent lasts, it is imperative to spray the perfume directly on your skin, more importantly at the pulse points. This encompasses the wrists, elbows, chest, behind your knees and ears. Perfume gets activated by body heat. Since blood vessels are closest to your skin at these places, the fragrance spreads in a better way all over the body.

Moisturize Before Spraying Yourself

Scents hang on tightly to oily skin. To make your fragrances last longer, spraying your perfume on freshly moisturized skin is a good idea. This is because it helps your body absorb the perfume as well as its smell in a better way.

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Spraying Your Hair With Perfume

Misting the scent onto your hair with perfume is a sure shot way to ensure that your fragrance lasts for longer periods of time. However, when doing so make certain you spray from at least 10 inches away. Perfume comes with a generous doze of alcohol content and can be drying and damaging to your mane. Other than this, you can also blend scent into your hair by spritzing your hair comb. Make sure you wait for the alcohol on the comb to evaporate before gliding it into your hair.

Spritzing Your Clothes Does The Trick

Clothes hold scent well and help you gain long lasting perfume power. Since the particles of the scent hang on to the fibers of your clothing seamlessly, you ensure the fragrance of your favorite scent is retailed for a prolonged time. See that you choose a good perfume. This way, you do not run the risk of staining your clothes with the spray.

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Things To Watch Out For

Refrain from rubbing your wrists together after you spray on perfume. Contrary to popular belief, it impacts the scent in an undesirable way. Also, you do not want to smell like you have sprayed yourself with the entire perfume bottle so don’t apply perfume on all of the pulse points mentioned. It is a definite mood killer.

Perfumes diminish as the hours go by and towards the day’s end you do not even realize you had it on in the first place. Making sure you spray perfume the right way, in the right places ensures its aromas envelope you for a longer time. So, now that you know how and where to spray perfume, go ahead and leave a steadfast mark on people whenever you pass them by.

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