Knowing Fragrances For Men And Women

Knowing Fragrances For Men And Women

Think about why we eat different types of cuisines, one day Chinese and one day Italian, because we like variety in life. When it comes to eau de parfum, we need to know the different fragrances of eau de parfum for men and women. Understand the fragrances and make a collection that contains a variety of scents that are appropriate for different moods and occasions.

In order to build this perfume collection, you will need to learn about the various perfume notes and how they smell uniquely different and the ones that you like. If you like eau de parfum for women and rose fragrances, you could also try peony fragrances as a change. In the floral category, there are so many variations and we can show you how they are related. Despite the diversity, all floral scents are related to each other and have a unique similarity as well.

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Here are some fragrances you can try checking out.

Rose:  A rose is a rose and would smell as sweet no matter what you call it. Rose has a sweet smell with a distinctive honey flavor and character. Even though the smell of the rose is light, it is still airy, dark and opulent. The rose smell can be interpreted in many ways. The tea roses are the classic ones with a bright and citrusy flavor leaning towards an amber scent. Roses can be combined with passion fruit or grape fruit to add that zesty twist. Further spices, mosses and patchouli can be added for that smoldering and dramatic characteristic. The earthy, dense and rich fragrance is great for men when clubbed with a musky, leather fragrance.

Carnations: These sweet smelling flowers are more than decorative and worth examining. If you like rose flavors, then carnations will be your favorite too and it is gently laced with a jasmine like fragrance. A perfume added with fragrances of pepper and clove gives that spicy effect unlike the rose. Thus a carnation is considered as a dark and spicy flower. Moreover, it is an old fashioned flower and is rare to find in the perfume collection.

Lilac: Lilac is best known in the perfumery industry as a queen of fragrance. Most of us will associate lilac with air fresheners and bathroom cleaners. This is a fragrance that combines the freshness of the rose with the milky richness of almonds and hence, can be very fascinating.

Peony: Peonies, apart from being beautiful flowers are light and wispy in their fragrance. Peonies are often thought of being dewy and fresh. The fruity flowers have a fascinating quality like the pomegranates or rhubarbs and are very fresh at anytime of the day. The peony’s fragrance is heavier and more extravagant when compared to the rose.

Hyacinth: The hyacinth is a lush green flower which carries the freshness of water. The freshness of wet soil adds to the floral exuberance and has an undertone of fresh water. Hyacinth is a great water flower which has no aesthetic value but can be of great value for eau de perfume for men. Many of us may not immediately take to hyacinth as a fresh smelling flower, but it is worth smelling this divine fragrance.

Now that you have an insight to the world of floral fragrances, you can buy eau de perfume to be a part of your wardrobe. Explore the world of fragrances and make the flowery accents a part of your everyday wear. It is always nice to smell sweet and make the heads turn and look at you. Also, collecting perfumes or eau de perfume for women can be a great hobby that is worth indulging in.

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