Tips for Wearing and Selecting Best Fragrances for Men

Tips for Wearing and Selecting Best Fragrances for Men

Top fragrances for men are a complex mixture of many natural and synthetic ingredients which when combined at a specific ratio smells heavenly. It helps in lifting your mood, evokes fond memories, and enhances your charm. According to Chandler Burr, renowned perfume critic of The New York Times, "Scent is extraordinarily important in telling people who you are and what you believe." Now, there are thousands of men's fragrances available at the local market, so it becomes challenging at times to choose the best fragrances for men. Fragrances experts have set a few guidelines which would help you in selecting and wearing your favourite perfumes so that you smell best at work and social meets.

Men's Fragrances

Choose the Correct Concentration

The fragrance is a generic term under which you get perfume, Eau de parfum or EDP, Eau de toilette or EDT, Eau de Cologne or EDC, and Eau Fraiche. These different categories of fragrances vary according to the concentration of the perfume oil in alcohol. The most expensive fragrance is perfume having an oil concentration of 20 to 30 per cent in alcohol. It lasts more than 8 hours after you apply them.

 The concentration, as well as lasting of fragrances, reduces as we move from perfume to EDP, EDT, EDC, and Eau Fraiche. Eau Fraiche is the most diluted version of scents having just 1 to 3 per cent concentration of perfume oil and last for barely an hour. So, select the perfect fragrances according to your mood, requirements, and budget. Perfumes are best for parties or a romantic outing with your lady love. Use EDP and EDT while going out for work, or meeting your clients. Wear EDC when you are in the house to elevate your mood and spirit. You can also buy men's fragrances online to avail the best deal and choose from a large selection of products.

How to Prepare Your Skin for Applying Fragrances?

Since you can apply the fragrances directly on your skin, spend a few minutes to prepare the body for best results. Do not forget to take a shower before applying scents as it wipes away body odours and other foreign smells. In this way, you can prevent the fragrance from getting corrupted by other odours. Moreover, the shower, especially if you use lukewarm water would open up your skin pores and allow the perfume oil to seep inside. Also if you have dry skin then moisturise your body with you good quality unscented lotion, so that the fragrances not only seeps inside but also radiate off you. Reapply the scent only once in a day, as too much application can turn your skin greasy.

How Much Fragrance Should One Apply?

The amount of fragrance which you should spray on your body to not kill someone by over application or to prevent it from fading away before you leave their company is another big dilemma. You need to understand the strength and sillage of your fragrances before taking a call. For high concentration scents with a good sillage leaving a trail for about 10 minutes like perfume, EDP, or EDT, a few drops on your heat areas like wrist, neck, lower jaw, or forearm would do wonders. If you have a low concentration fragrance like EDC then spray it generously over your body, and it would be a good idea to carry a miniature travel atomiser.

So, this was, in brief, a few points worth remembering when you buy fragrances for men and apply them on your body.

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