Tips To Pick The Ideal Eau De Parfum For You

Tips To Pick The Ideal Eau De Parfum For You

There is nothing like eau de parfum to set the mood, bring back fond memories and help you smell your fragrant best. While everyone wants to smell good, many cannot determine the scent that is best suited for them. This is because there are many factors you need to take into consideration when choosing a particular scent for you. So whether a man or woman, here is how you can go ahead and choose the ideal eau de parfum that blends well with your tastes and personality the best.

Picking the right concentration

Fragrances generally come in four different levels of concentration. The price of the fragrance usually rises as the concentration gets higher. Colognes having a higher concentration have a more powerful scent and last for a longer duration. The highest concentration you can get your hands on is called perfume or parfum. A lower level than this is eau de parfum. The third level is known as eau de toilette while the lowest one is called eau de cologne.

Decide on the kind of scent you are looking for

You need to find a scent that blends in with what you are looking for and your personality well. While some perfumes come with floral tones and come with various scent notes such as gardenia, rose or geranium, others have more fruity hints to it. Then there are exotic perfumes that come with spicy notes while there are some eau de perfume for men that come with musk scents that give out a heavier, more masculine or leather based tone.

Look for top, middle and base notes

The fragrance of eau de perfume for women and men is made up of top notes, middle notes and base notes. While the top note is what you smell upon applying the perfume, the middle note hangs around after the top note is cleared. The base note develops and clings to your skin the longest. You need to know how all of these notes interwork if you want to know the kind of fragrance it leaves you with.

Test the fragrance

Whether you choose eau de parfum for women or eau de parfum for men, it is very vital that you test the fragrance to make certain you are going to enjoy the scent hovering around you. Each fragrance reacts differently to your skin owing to the one-of-a-kind code of hormones and pheromones that alter the manner in which a fragrance smells. To make things easier for you, do a little sniff test. Most department and cosmetic stores even offer testers so you can try the perfume out before you purchase it. Spray a bit of the perfume on your wrists, wait for a little while and then smell the scent on your skin.

Make certain you pay attention to these factors before you buy eau de perfume. This ensures you can make a wise choice and gain a perfume that is every bit you. Don’t let others choose your perfume and don’t make purchases blindly particularly when you buy a perfume on someone else’s recommendation. To know whether you have landed on the right scent, do not just sit at home sniffing your arms or wrist. Have an active day and then smell it accidently. All in all, if someone brushes by you and you catch a whiff and it makes you feel good, it is safe to presume you have found yourself a winner.

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