Top 5 Shave Tips for Men

Top 5 Shave Tips for Men

Top Shaving Tips That All Men Should Know

Shaving is a routine grooming activity for most men but sometimes it can prove to be a disaster especially when you cut yourself or end up with rash, ingrown hair and razor burns. Yes, that’s the price you pay for doing it the wrong way but do not fret. To make shaving a seamless and stress-free process, here are top five tips that definitely ensure your shave is close, clean and a relatively painless experience.

Prep yourself up before the shave

Most men head straight to dragging the razor across their face. This ultimately causes cuts, irritation and razor burns. To avoid this, prepping yourself the right way is essential. Try to have a hot shower before a shave as it helps open up follicles and pores. This causes hair to protrude to a great extent which in turn results in a clean shave. Other than this, rinsing your face thoroughly helps to get rid of excess oil and dead skin cells. Using a shaving cream or gel is a must.

Utilize a single blade razor

Remember, you’re shaving your face not mowing a lawn, you do not require a razor with multiple blades for a clean shave. Your skin is not designed to withstand the pressures that come with even a single steel blade running over it, let alone two or three of them simultaneously. So spare it the horror and use a single blade razor instead.

Pick a men’s face wash before a shave

As we said in the previous step, rinsing your face is imperative but in order to make certain your face and neck is clean and well prepared to take on a razor, you need to cleanse it meticulously with a men’s face wash. This reduces friction, removes grime and dirt and ensures you obtain a close shave.  

Refrain from using excessively lathering shaving creams

You may love to work up a rich lather but it has the potential to cause grave damage to your skin. The chemicals that are part of lather annoy and irritate the skin to a great degree. Invest in a non-foaming or non-lathering shaving cream that offers a rich creamy texture but does not cause excessive lather. Leave the shaving cream on for a minute before starting to shave.

Hydration is key

An aftershave or a good aftershave moisturizer is a must-have requirement following a shaving session. It helps do away with ingrown hair and any kind of irritation. Your skin can need as much as 24 hours to recover from the after effects of a shave. You need to ensure it is well hydrated during this time or else it won’t take long for those pesky signs of discomfort to show up.

All said and done, make sure you take it easy every time you shave. Refrain from exerting too much pressure and see that the blade glides over your face seamlessly. See that you do not shave in the opposite direction of your hair growth and use only short strokes during the shaving process. Follow these tips the next time you shave and you can wave goodbye to inflammation and infection for good.

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