Top Fragrances For You – All You Wanted To Know

Top Fragrances For You – All You Wanted To Know

What are fragrances?

The terms fragrance, scent, and perfume are usually used interchangeably. A fragrance is an aromatic product, made from natural sources or chemicals. When this is added to a product, it creates a pleasant smell. Fragrances have been used from time immemorial and can be derived from flowers, fruits, wood, and other sources. Fragrances are used in the form of perfumes on the body to make a person smell good. Ads have always shown a person wearing a good perfume or fragrance being instantly liked by others.

The fragrance industry is a multi-million dollar industry and fragrances are popular and essential products used by men and women. So, which are the top fragrances for men? Which are the best fragrances for women? To answer this question, lets us first understand the forms of fragrances.

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Fragrance forms

Fragrances come in different forms. The categorization is based on the aromatic substances used and its concentration. The different forms of fragrances are:

  • Perfume: This is the purest form and is basically perfume extract. It is a concentrated product (referred to usually as parfum) with 15 to 30% aromatic compound or essential oils in it. Because it is concentrated, it lasts the longest. It can last for almost a day. It has the strongest spread or sillage and you are almost enveloped in a cloud of scent.
  • Eau de parfum: This consists of 10 – 15% of aromatic oils in it. It usually lasts anywhere between 5 to 7 hours. This is a unisex product, used by both men and women.
  • Eau de toilette: The concentration of the aromatic oils are lesser here, between 5- 15%. It is usually used in top fragrances. It last around 3 hours. It is a good women’s fragrance.
  • Eau de Cologne: This has around 2-5% aromatic oil. This is a typical masculine product. These products are men’s fragrances. They last for around 2 hours. Cologne should not be confused with aftershave.
  • Eau Fraiche: These have just 1-3% of aromatic oils, but unlike colognes, they don’t have alcohol. They are mixed and water and can be used as a freshener, with its effects lasting for a few minutes.

Notes of a fragrance

Fragrances, like music, have notes. There are three notes – head, middle,and base. The notes are nothing but the scent or smell that you get when you apply the best fragrances for men or the best fragrances for women.

  • Top notes are the strong and striking initial smell you get. They usually last for a very little time and evaporate fast.
  • Middle notes are the scents you smell a minute after you apply the fragrance. They have usually subdued scents like floral fragrances. They last for more time.
  • Base notes are the base or the foundation for the fragrance. They last the longest time and with the middle notes, they actually define how the fragrance would smell.

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Top fragrances for you

Now that you know all about fragrances, which are the top fragrances for you. When you buy fragrances for men, what do you need to know about?

Based on the effect you want to have, you can buy a perfume or eau de parfum. Perfumes are very strong and can sometimes cause allergies to people who smell them. The eau de parfum and eau de toilette are suitable for everyone as they have a pleasant smell which can last for many hours. You can buy men’s fragrances online to get the best of quality and price. Spicy fragrances like Tobacco Vanilla or exotic Oriental leather would be good options for men.

Using the top fragrances help you to create a great effect and you will definitely be the centre of attraction, wherever you go.

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