Ways to Avoid the Sting of an Aftershave

Ways to Avoid the Sting of an Aftershave

Each month new men’s aftershave appear in the market and claim to make a man smell sexy and good, just like what perfumes do for women. However, when men use the aftershave, they realize that it causes their skin to burn on application. At this point, they forget the fragrance and decide it is a luxury and hence not needed. However, the best after shave lotion is designed to protect the skin while also imparting a fresh and attractive fragrance.

Why Does an Aftershave Burn?

When you shave, you damage the topmost layer of the skin. It also becomes more sensitive. So, when you apply your aftershave, it burns as the splash or lotion comes in contact with minute nicks and cuts. Also, let’s not forget that shaving causes the new skin to get exposed. This skin is sensitive and hence, this is another reason for the skin to burn.

Oriental Leather Aftershave

Importance of Aftershaves

All aftershaves have antibacterial properties. They help to protect your skin from harmful bacteria that cause shaving rash. These antibacterial properties come from the alcohol in some cases. This means that it is possible to buy aftershave online that is alcohol-free. This way, the alcohol present in the aftershave will not damage the skin but still provide antibacterial protection. If you use an alcohol-free aftershave, it can help minimize the stinging and burning sensation.

Aftershave Splash or Balm?

While the best aftershave splash helps to protect the skin, the burning is something that many men cannot withstand. For such men, there is aftershave balm that is alcohol-free and soothes the skin quickly while still protecting it. However, a balm can make oily skin oilier, making it more prone to pimples and breakouts. Hence, if you have oily skin, you should stick to an aftershave splash and ensure you protect your skin after each shave.

Minimizing the Stinging Sensation

You should not compromise the quality of the aftershave. Always invest in the best men’s aftershave lotion. You can minimize the stinging sensation with a little care.

Always keep a close watch on your razor. Regardless of the type of razor you use, it will damage the skin during shaving. The blade scrapes the skin and this gets rid of the fine topmost layer. The new skin is sensitive and weather hardened. This said, shaving the right way can help reduce the sting of an aftershave.

Never shave with a blunt or dull razor. It increases the likelihood of cuts and nicks and this will cause your skin to sting quite a bit when you apply the aftershave. Change the blade regularly and this will help minimize cuts and in turn reduce the stinging sensation brought on by the aftershave.

The Bottom Line

It is vital to protect your skin not just after the shave but also during the shave. Prep your skin prior to shaving so that the razor causes minimal damage. This way, using the best men's aftershave lotion will not sting and burn as badly as it would have. So, go ahead and make your aftershave a vital part of your skincare regimen. You will not regret it.

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