When Perfumes Speak Personality

When Perfumes Speak Personality

It is believed that the fragrance one selects has a direct relation to one’s personality. Confused? Read Below to explore your perfume choice!

Tastes, traits, likes, dislikes, emotions, all these and many more elements make up who we are. In a way, we are a unique concoction in ourselves. Many believe we are what we wear, and this maxim stands truest when it comes to fragrances, for our perfume selection can instantly reflect our personality. A woman buying into a fruity scent is drastically different from another going for an oriental one. Let us have a look at these various perfume types and the way they beautifully link to our personality.

The Floral Fans
She comes, she conquers. A free-spirited, feminine traditionalist who loves to leave behind an impression as strong as the scent she wears often admires a floral scent. She is chic, lover of outdoors and a true romantic. For this fan of florals, we suggest the long-lasting Lumiere WHITE MULBERRY, by Neesh as the perfect perfume.

The Oriental Admirers
Spot the woman in the room with the highest heels, she surely likes sporting the dynamic oriental fragrances! A devoted night owl, she is exotic, bold and stands out in a crowd owing to her dazzling personality. She likes to keep her sensuality on the forefront and adores making a statement! For this showstopper, the Lumiere ROSE VANILLA EDP Perfume by Neesh proves the best fragrance!

The Earthy Enthusiasts
Chilling by the bonfire, with her hair braided and ears embellished in Boho ornaments, sits the lover of earthy scents. Fragrances apt for her mirror her love for nature. She is ready at the drop of a hat for a long hike as she simply craves the smell of outdoors. Her exploratory nature takes to the most unique places. This free soul is sure to have the OUD E KHAAS by Neesh at the top of her list for fragrances.

The Fruity Fanatics
Next, notice the life of the party. Energetic and bubbly, she lights up the room by simply walking into it. Her dance moves remain unchallenged and she surely is everyone’s favourite. The perfume category she falls for almost every time is the fruity one. As fresh and colourful as her attires, these scents are her personal favourites. The OUD E VENICE perfume from Neesh is sure to find home in this fanatic’s heart!

The Gourmand Groupies
It’s now time for the gourmet experts of the group! She who stands out owing to her fine taste in every cuisine is often herself a fan of the gourmand scents. She’s cheek, she’s gorgeous and much like her food picks, she falls into a niche segment of perfume admirers. Her fragrance preferences relate to food, more specifically the sensual essence of chocolate. And so, ROSE E MOHABATT perfume from Neesh is sure to be an apt addition to her platter of favourite perfumes.

It truly is surprising how simply and subtly our scents give away our personalities. So next time when picking out a perfume, do refer to the findings above and go for the fragrance best suited to your disposition.

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