Your Classic Guide To The Perfect Aftershave

Your Classic Guide To The Perfect Aftershave

As regards men grooming, shaving is an essential aspect that needs some good discussion. Shaving is not just about getting clean look, it is more about maintenance and skin care. Talking about skin care, one of the essentials for every suave man is a good men’s aftershave lotion. What was initially introduced at barbershops as anti-septic sprays to kill bacteria and reduce the risk of spreading skin infections among their clients. This high-alcohol splash smelled good too and the use of aftershave soon evolved from its basic purpose to giving its users a revitalizing sensation from the tingling effect of the alcohol on freshly shaven skin. The best aftershave splash is hence considered to be one which is not too strong or too mild to refresh you after you are done with your grooming regimen.

Types of aftershaves

As the basic purpose of using aftershave significantly changed from being an anti-septic to a revitalizing lotion that will help in skin regeneration, there was a surge in the demand for different types of aftershaves that came with improvisations. When you are looking to buy aftershave online, you will find that there are three types of aftershaves available in the market today – the balms or creams, gels and lotions. Typically, a new men’s aftershave is more about skin care than anything else and hence, there are also aftershaves to suit different skin types such as sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin. Also, aftershaves aren’t wiped off the skin so they have a long-lasting effect on the skin. Choosing the right aftershave is, therefore, an important men’s grooming essential.

As for the content of the aftershaves, there is some variety here too. While some aftershaves are oil-based, there are others that have alcohol. There are aftershaves that are scented while there may be others with herbal extracts and essential oils. Based on your personal preference, you may choose the most ideal type among these.

Aftershave balms usually substitute alcohol for natural ingredients such as essential oils. This makes then equally anti-septic but the good thing here is that they don’t cause the skin dryness. Also, as these balms contain very little or no alcohol at all, they are nit dehydrating. Balms are highly recommended for men with sensitive or dry skin and particularly advised to be used during winter months when there is less moisture and your skin is more prone to get dry.

Just like the balms, the aftershave gels are low on alcohol content, which is good. However, gels don’t contain oils like the balms. Aftershave gels are known to be more refreshing and soothing than the balms. Lastly, there are the aftershave lotions, which are very commonly used. The lotions usually contain alcohol however; the best men’s aftershave lotion would be one that has very low alcohol content or is completely alcohol free. Aftershave lotions are easy to use as you can splash them on your skin immediately after a shave for instant freshness. These lotions contain elements that soother, nourish and moisturize your skin while also stimulating new cell regeneration as well as maintain healthy skin.

Choosing your aftershave

After deciding the type of aftershave you prefer to use, you need to be careful at choosing the best one from the many available. The first thing to bear in mind is to check the product labels thoroughly. If you are shopping online, read the product description completely to ensure that you stick to natural ingredients and avoid synthetic fragrances. Plant and mineral extracts, vegetable and essential oils, etc. are things you should be looking for. Another ingredient that can be really good is shea butter. Hence, if you are opting for balms, look for those that contain shea butter.

Apart from the above key aspects to look out for, always consider your skin type when choosing the best aftershave for you.


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