How do I place my order?

  • Click on the category of your choice.
  • Click on product and then add to cart.
  • Click on checkout where you must complete details of your order and place your order successfully.

    Can I buy multiple products in one order?

    • Yes, just add all the products you wish to buy into your shopping cart and then complete your order. This way you can save on any additional shipping and COD charges!

    Do all perfumes contain alcohol?

    • Yes, all our perfumes contain alcohol, except Roll On's.

    Does your company test on animals?

    • No. Neesh Perfumes does not use any animals to test its products, and does not have animal testing conducted by anyone else to support our product safety review.

    For how much long will the perfume stay?

    • It usually stays for up to 12 hours, however, it totally depends upon the climatic conditions.

    Is it refillable once the bottle is the empty?

    • No, none of our bottles are refillable. You have to buy a new one once you finish one.

    What are the payments methods available?

    • At the moment, we accept credit/debit cards and Cash on Delivery.

    Is GST (Goods & Services Tax) included?

    • Yes, we will charge GST on all online orders. All prices shown are GST inclusive.

    What are the benefits of signing Up?

    Signing up for a Neesh account will give you substantial benefits and provide a superior experience while shopping. You:

    • Can track all past and present orders at any time in one place!
    • Never have fill in your address and payment details more than once!
    • Accumulate Rewards and receive Discounts on future purchases!
    • Refer a friend to Neesh and get Rs 100 off when they make their first purchase!