Our Master Perfumers
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Kevin Mathys

"Sustainability is a crucial aspect of our modern world, to me, we must choose our Raw Materials to be the most sustainable as they can be to protect the future of perfumery and the naturals palette"

— Kevin Mathys

Kevin grew up in the countryside in France, you could say his role as a perfumer was inevitable as he has always had a passion for the evolving world of scents.

Today, Kevin performs his art as a senior perfumer and finds it fascinating how he can become a part of people's lives by creating fragrances that they love to wear.

Creations — Signature Scent, Glazed Water, Luxe Aoud, Splendid Rose

Popular past creations — Electimuss Patchouli of the underworld, M.INT Flight Mode

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Chris Maurice

Chris Maurice (Christian Carbonnel) is a Spanish master perfumer and the third generation of Carbonnel SA —  a lineage of Spain's esteemed perfumers.

Through years of dedication, he has refined his craft, mastering the transformation of exquisite essences into embodiments of his distinctive vision for high end perfumery.

Creations — Cologne Sophistique, Luxe Mirage, Gul Musc (to be launched soon)

Popular past creations — Xerjoff More Than Words, Nishane Nefs, Xerjoff Alexandria II

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Julie Pluchet

"A surge in consumer knowledge has given rise to a desire for uniqueness, making bespoke fragrances a burgeoning trend."

— Julie Pluchet

Julie Pluchet is a senior British perfumer who began her career in the city of fragrances — Grasse; located in the south of France. Julie is trained under internationally renowned master perfumers : Max Gavarry & Isabelle Burdel. She holds a Masters degree in Chemistry (2003), which acted as a foundation for her career.

Creation — Flora Divine, Pashmina (to be launched soon)

Other popular creations — Clive Christian Jump up & Kiss me, Molton Brown Jasmine & Sun Rose, Ted Baker Est. 88 , Alexa Dixon Amethyst

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Christian Provenzano

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different"
— Christian Provenzano

He is a three time award-winning master perfumer popular for his rich and complex blends.

Creations — Haute Tobacco, Song of Serenity, Vergis (to be launched soon), Shafran (to be launched soon)

Popular past creations — Clive Christian C for Men, Kilian Pearl Oud, Boadicea Blue Sapphire

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Julien Rasquinet

"The aim of creation is to cause emotion" — Julien Rasquinet

Julien Rasquinet grew up in Paris and trained under the legendary perfumer Pierre Bourdon — who, upon his first meeting with Julien, realized his potential and believed he would become a renowned perfumer.

Creations — Haute Wood (to be launched soon), Haute Vetiver (to be launched soon)

Popular past creations — Creed Royal Oud, Amouage Enclave, Nishane hacivat X, Jimmy Choo Man Aqua

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