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Blended in Paris for  day-long lingering effect 

Beast Mode Closet Beast Mode Closet
Beast Mode Closet

Oud Cinnamon ● Milky Way ● Luxe Hayat
Pashmina ● Tobacco Vanilla

₹2,000.00 ₹2,500.00 20% Off
Gentleman Closet Gentleman Closet
Gentleman Closet

Oud Cinnamon ● Aqua Vetiver ● Glazed Water
Oriental Leather ● Tobacco Vanilla

₹2,000.00 ₹2,500.00 20% Off
Milky Way Milky Way
Milky Way

Fresh, gourmand, woody
A lingering fragrance with a delicious scent bubble

₹3,880.00 ₹4,850.00 20% Off
If you want to add cosmic magic to your daily routine or want a scent that stands out from the rest, then Milky Way perfume is the best option you can choose.
Oriental Leather Oriental Leather
Oriental Leather

Woody, dark, mysterious
For the mysterious gentleman in a black suit

₹3,280.00 ₹4,100.00 20% Off
Oriental Leather perfume is a fine blend of mystical woods, playful spices, and fine leather. You can use this perfume to add a touch of sophistication.
Oud Cinnamon Oud Cinnamon
Oud Cinnamon

Warm, woody, powerful
For the man who wants to be the fire of the night

₹3,880.00 ₹4,850.00 20% Off
Neesh Oud Cinnamon Perfume is unique and long lasting perfume for men. Its performance is intense and surely give you spicy and exotic notes.