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Summer Closet Summer Closet
Summer Closet

Mehr ● Aqua Vetiver ● Glazed Water
Shower Me With Love ● Pink Lotus

Gender-Neutral Closet Gender-Neutral Closet
Gender-Neutral Closet

Mehr ● Milky Way ● Luxe Hayat
Pashmina ● Rose Caramel

Miss Neesh Closet Miss Neesh Closet
Miss Neesh Closet

Mehr ● Pink Lotus ● Pashmina
Shower Me With Love ● Rose Caramel

Gentleman Closet Gentleman Closet
Gentleman Closet

Oud Cinnamon ● Aqua Vetiver ● Glazed Water
Oriental Leather ● Tobacco Vanilla

Beast Mode Closet Beast Mode Closet
Beast Mode Closet

Oud Cinnamon ● Milky Way ● Luxe Hayat
Pashmina ● Tobacco Vanilla

Attar Discovery Set (14x1ml) Attar Discovery Set (14x1ml)
Attar Discovery Set (14x1ml)

Attar Discovery Set Zaafran 192121 (1ml) A team of Indian artists at M.L. Ramnarain goes there every year and hand-picks the finest quality of saffron that is later distilled, blended and presented to you as Zaafran 192121. Shamama (1ml) If the aroma of India was captured in a bottle, it would smell like Shamama. Shamama is a traditional blend of Indian woods, spices, herbs and flowers. Ruh Khus (1ml) Khus, also known as vetiver, is a wild grass that represents the aroma of Indian summer. It is so powerful that people, for years, have been wearing it to save themselves from the strokes of heat. Geeli Mitti (1ml) Neesh has successfully captured the aroma of wet soil and a soft rainfall and presented it as Geeli Mitti for you to experience. Attar E Jannat (1ml) It’s like a black and red pashmina shawl. Deep, sensual and classy, a forever fragrance for people who understand what real beauty feels like. Guldaan (1ml) It’s cold and the moonlight moon glistens over the lake beside that garden. The winds are carrying the aroma of nature, of paradise – the wind is carrying the aroma of Guldaan. Neesh Wood (1ml) Creamy, spicy, woody - Neesh wood has it all that will make them turn heads and take a deep long breath when you pass them. Rose E Mohabatt (1ml) Soft, sweet, divine attar that smells like you’re chewing rose petals. That’s exactly what Rose-E-Mohabatt is. Amber Musk (1ml) It was a cool night when we looked at the ambery Sky and thought what it would feel like to capture this sight through an aroma. And the result is known as Amber Musk. Aqua Bubble (1ml) Aqua bubble is an interpretation of how a bubble of sweet, cold water would smell like. Natural Majmua (1ml) A fragrance so calming that people wear it before meditation, It’s like you walked in an orchard that has wet grass, raw mango, Kewda, soft flowers, woods and fresh air. Rose Oud (1ml) Rose Oud is a blend that is said to be made in heaven. Something so irresistible that people turn heads saying “Woah, what smell so good.” Neel Jazeera (1ml) Neel Jazeera is a fresh, mass pleasing blend that is surely going to last and get you compliments. Sandal Oud (1ml) Mysore Sandalwood and Hindi Oud, the two most iconic and expensive woods in perfumery have been blended together for a warm, sublime, woody, creamy aroma. Features 14 in 1 - It includes all 14 attar 1ml testers. Best for – Who want to experience the fragrances made by India's renowned perfume artists in 1 pack. Making – Neesh attars are distilled with traditional techniques. Natural ingredients are used in all the concoctions of Neesh perfumes. Gifting – It comes in a beautiful thick cardboard box ready-to-gift presentation.
Perfume Discovery Set (12x2ml) Perfume Discovery Set (12x2ml)
Perfume Discovery Set (12x2ml)

Perfume Discovery Set Tobacco Vanilla (2ml) Spicy, sweet, woody, zingy For the man who wants to unleash the wolf within Oriental Leather (2ml) Woody, dark, mysterious For the mysterious gentleman in a black suit Rose Caramel (2ml) Sweet, dark, chocolaty Inspired by the lingering scent trail of a movie star Aqua Vetiver (2ml) Bright, fresh, aquatic For the man who loves to be fresh and clean Glazed Water (2ml) Cool, Fresh, fruity A fragrance that will get you compliments Milky Way (2ml) Sweet, milky, balsamic A lingering fragrance with a delicious scent bubble Oud Cinnamon (2ml) Warm, woody, powerful For the man who wants to be the fire of the night Luxe Hayat (2ml) Woody, powdery, resinous A powerful fragrance of breathtaking luxury Mehr (2ml) Fresh, fruity, floral A fresh lingering fragrance with seductive undertone Pashmina (2ml) Bold, sultry, silky A long-lasting fragrance for the Boss in the room Pink Lotus (2ml) Sweet, floral, powdery A divine fragrance for the Goddess within Shower Me With Love (2ml) Fresh, fruity, naughty For the girl who will never get old Features 12 in 1 - It includes all 12 Perfume 2ml testers. Best for – Who want to experience the fragrances that lingers all day long in 1 pack. Gifting – It comes in a beautiful thick leather box ready-to-gift presentation.