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Blended in Paris for day-long lingering effect 

Shower Me with Love Shower Me with Love
Shower Me with Love

Fresh, fruity, naughty
For the girl who will never get old

₹3,280.00 ₹4,100.00 20% Off
Shower Me With Love perfume is sweet, bubbly and fruity. The finest ingredients in the perfume, create a long-lasting and captivating aroma. Shop now.
Pink Lotus Pink Lotus
Pink Lotus

Sweet, floral, powdery
A divine fragrance for the Goddess within

₹3,280.00 ₹4,100.00 20% Off
Experience the mesmerizing scent of Pink Lotus perfume. This is specifically made for women. Buy now and experience it's long lasting fragrance.
Rose Caramel Rose Caramel
Rose Caramel

Sweet, dark, chocolaty
Inspired by the lingering scent trail of a movie star

₹3,280.00 ₹4,100.00 20% Off
Rose Caramel Perfume is perfect for any occasion. This will give you the aroma of caramel, rose, chocolate. Buy now and experience the luxurious fragrance.
Miss Neesh Closet (5x10ml) Miss Neesh Closet (5x10ml)
Miss Neesh Closet (5x10ml)

Mehr ● Pink Lotus ● Pashmina
Shower Me With Love ● Rose Caramel

₹2,560.00 ₹3,200.00 20% Off
Gender-Neutral Closet Gender-Neutral Closet
Gender-Neutral Closet

Mehr ● Milky Way ● Luxe Hayat
Pashmina ● Rose Caramel

₹2,000.00 ₹2,500.00 20% Off
Mehr Mehr

Fresh, fruity, floral
A fresh lingering fragrance with seductive undertone

₹3,880.00 ₹4,850.00 20% Off
Neesh Mehr Perfume has premium long lasting fresh, fruity fragrance with seductive undertone. Buy today and indulge in the ultimate scent experience.
Pashmina Pashmina

Bold, sultry, silky
A long-lasting fragrance for the Boss in the room

₹3,880.00 ₹4,850.00 20% Off
Neesh Pashmina is a luxurious and long lasting perfume. You can use this perfume for any occasion or for everyday wear. It will leave a lasting impression.